Top Stories of the Week – 4/10/21

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I woke up to the soft sound of rain outside my bedroom window. Cold, cloudy, and wet. Welcome to Chicago in April.

“I’ll run tomorrow,” I told myself. “Missing one day is no big deal.” I wanted to roll the covers back over my head and escape into dreamland. To relish in the comfort of my warm bed. To believe that this is how Saturday morning is supposed to be spent.

But I didn’t.

I pushed back the covers. I put on my shoes. I trudged through water and wind and thoughts of stopping short.

And as always, it was worth it.

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Until next time, be strong, be safe, be well.

- Scott

Top Stories of the Week

Everything In Moderation? Here Are Two Sides of The Same Coin

by Derek Mulch

This One Simple Trick Will Change Your Workouts Forever

by Mia Lazarewicz

Rediscovering Fitness in Middle-Age

by Ethan C. Wright

Facebook Friends with Fitness Benefits

by Mary Chang Story Writer

Workout Songs That Motivate

by Ryan West

It’s Not Just About What You Eat, It’s About When You Eat

by Anneka Tracey

This is What Overtraining Really Feels Like

by Chris Wojcik

Thinning Bones

by Christine Carr

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