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Absolutely brilliant piece Scott !

I think this a worldwide problem. Certainly here in South Africa..

Challenge accepted.

Peace !

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I'm a little disappointed this has been published. This is an incredibly nuanced topic and the piece is deeply shaming of antidepressants, medically misinformed, and promises a solution that is not a universal solution. Many people do find peace in nature, many people do not. Many people need medication like antidepressants to survive, and that is not a bad or shameful thing. Just because you did not get along with them and were lucky to have found your solace in the natural world does not mean that it is universally true for everyone. Your use of the term 'happy pills' is stigmatising. I am someone who was on antidepressants, and they really didn't work for me, they made me miserable, but it is extremely ignorant to write like they are not a lifeline for so many people and to downplay the positive effects that they can have for other people. It is fine to write about your own experience, but don't write a piece detailing medical interventions without research and a balanced argument. This piece is irresponsible.

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