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Hi Scott, Love your posts! Thank you. Keep them coming my friend. I am 62 years old. I was in the gym five days a week for over 30 years, super fit, healthy, an old jock. An endorphin junkie. However, I sustained a very serious and debilitating traumatic brain injury in December 2014 at age 55. The physical ramifications or symptoms have left me unable to do all most everything I used to do, including running. I am just starting to relearn how to walk without a cane. My physiotherapist says I shouldn't do any bicep exercises because they will increase the tone or spasticity in my affected arm, which I cannot straighten fully. My left foot is also affected. Supination and the foot always turning inward prevent me from walking quickly or running. Any suggestions or comments? Miss being fit. Miss running. Miss being agile. Blessings, Brad Stell

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